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Action plan

At the early stage, the center will select a few topics as the focus of study. Then, the center will extend research areas to the other important research issues. It is also necessary to recruit talented recruit research personnel to strengthen the research of the center. Finally, the center will collaborate with the industry conducting research and development and making the center to be the exchange platform for industry and academia.

More specifically, the center will focus on following research areas for the first three-year period: (1) user interface design and usage behavior of mobile devices, (2) empirical study of information security behavior, and (3) physiological measurement of information technology usage behavior. For the second three-year period, the center will aim at providing research services for the industry, and recruiting more talented researchers to join into the center. This will further enhance the research capability of the center. Thus, the ultimate goal for the center is to become an exchange platform for academia and industry.


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