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The combination of Information and communication technologies and their rapid development have contributed to the proliferation and ubiquitous applications of smart phones. The application of information technology cannot just focus on the technology system. There are other important dimensions, such as social, managerial and behavioral related dimensions. The field of Information systems is concerned with the use of artifacts. An information system is an integrated, man-machine socio-technical system. From the perspective of users, they still have difficulties in using information technology. Technology is used for connecting people. The better we understand the usage behavior of information technology, the more refined design we can provide for users. Thus, information technology will fit in with the public demand and become easier to use.

The mission for the department of information management is to be devoted to the development of interdisciplinary knowledge in business, management and information technology, and to foster students the technical skill and current managerial knowledge to meet the national or social need of medium to top level of management. The fulfillment of these missions requires joint participation of students and faculty members in research.? The establishment of this research center can provide the environment for collaboration.


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