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Research Projects

A Comparative Analysis of Measurement Scale and EEG on Internet Addition.

A Study of Using EEG to Measure Instant Message Communication with Emoticons and Texts – From the Perspective of Social Presence.

The Use of EEG Measurement to Predicting the Playfulness of Mobile Games.

An EEG Study on Computer Learning Effectiveness Before and After Exercise 

An EEG Study on the Influence of Time Pressure and Task Complexity in Using Spreadsheet

An EEG Study of the Perceived Playfulness in Playing App Game with Different Popularity.

An EEG Study to Measure Instant Message Communication with Emoji and Sticker.

An EEG Study on Hand-writing Input into Mobile Device.

An exploratory EEG Study on emotion responses in before-and-after level completed of App games.

Apply brain waves to analyze the decision behavior under the condition of risk

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